LASIK tips that will keep you safe before and after the surgery

LASIK tips that will keep you safe before and after the surgery

While LASIK laser eye surgery is exceedingly effective, it is critical that you follow any advice provided to you by your physician and do all necessary to prepare for your operation and recovery. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips and information for preparing for and recovering from eye surgery LASIK.

Suggestions for eye surgery lasik preparation

Take proactive actions to prepare for your laser vision correction therapy. This is one of the greatest methods to ensure that your procedure and recuperation go as well as possible. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to prepare for your appointment.

Arrange for time off from work

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Although there is little downtime required following LASIK laser eye surgery, you should plan on taking some time off work. While you may be able to return to work within 24 hours following eye surgery LASIK, other people may require several days before their vision is clear enough to return to work. Your LASIK surgeon will be able to advise you on the amount of time you should plan to be away from work during your procedure.

Returning home

You will be allowed to return home quickly after your eye surgery LASIK treatment, but you will not be able to drive anywhere until your LASIK surgeon gives you the all-clear. In an ideal world, you should arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home and remain with you until your vision improves slightly. Sort this out prior to your visit.

Cosmetics are not permitted.

On the day of your operation, your face should be entirely makeup-free. Additionally, you should abstain from applying moisturizers and other items.

Prepare your clothes meticulously.

While your eye surgery LASIK office is unlikely to resemble a runway, it is still wise to arrange your outfit properly. This is because many patients are instructed not to wear anything that requires them to pull their hair firmly over their heads for fear of obstructing their vision. Wherever feasible, opt for a button-down shirt.

Suggestions for eye surgery lasik recuperation

Here is our top advice for a quick and painless recovery from eye surgery LASIK.

Avoid touching your eyes.

While it is common for your eyes to feel a little sore and irritated following eye surgery LASIK, you should avoid touching them as this may allow germs to enter and put your eyes at risk of infection. To avoid unintentionally rubbing their eyes, some patients opt to sleep wearing a mask or goggles.

Take a nap

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You should avoid any activity that requires sustained high levels of attention for the first 24 hours following your LASIK operation, such as reading or using a computer. We encourage that you take advantage of every opportunity to relax since this is when our bodies heal the quickest.

Take any drug exactly as prescribed.

Following having LASIK laser eye surgery, you may be prescribed eye drops to utilize. These factors contribute to the healing process and provide the greatest outcomes. Ensure that you take these medications according to the schedule and dosage suggested by your eye surgery LASIK practitioner to maximize your benefit.

Stay away from sports

Whether you favor contact or solitary sports, you should take a break from this pastime. This is because even minor injuries can have a detrimental effect on your eyes and the outcome of your eye surgery LASIK treatment. This applies to swimming, even when wearing goggles. Resume your sport only after receiving clearance from your eye doctor.

Adhere to your surgeon’s recommendations.

As with everything medical, it is critical that you follow your surgeon’s recommendations exactly. They are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the greatest eyesight possible. If you are confused about something, do not be hesitant to seek clarification. You can read about Preemptive tips you should take before undergoing eye surgery LASIK by clicking here.

Preparing for LASIK surgery might be especially difficult for contact lens users. Prior to LASIK surgery, you will be urged to refrain from wearing contact lenses. How long you must be out of contact with them is determined by their substance. You will need to remain contact lens-free for 5 to 7 days prior to your pre-operative exam and surgery if you are wearing soft lenses. If you use toric lenses to correct astigmatism, you must remove them for ten to fourteen days. 

For other types of specialty lenses, you will be advised at your initial appointment how long you must avoid wearing them prior to surgery. Many people wonder why you must quit using contacts prior to eye surgery LASIK. That is an excellent question! Contact lenses can affect the shape of the front surface of the eye, the cornea, which is critical for eye surgery LASIK calculations. When you come in for your initial visit, inquire about how long you should go without contacts prior to eye surgery LASIK.

Why Is It Required to Stop Wearing Contacts Prior to eye surgery lasik?

Can contacts be worn prior to LASIK eye surgery? No, in a nutshell. Following your appointment, it is recommended that you refrain from wearing lenses until your dilated pre-op exam and surgery. This will restore your cornea to its normal shape. Contact lenses, regardless of how carefully you care for them, also house germs. This bacterium may raise the risk of infection, which is another reason to avoid contact lenses prior to eye surgery LASIK.

Can I use contact lenses following laser eye surgery? 

Generally, the answer is no during the postoperative time. They are dehydrating and may house germs that might obstruct healing. Once you’ve recovered completely, the aim is that you won’t require them. If you do, you should normally be able to wear them without incident. You will, however, require a fresh prescription and fitting.

Is it necessary to wear glasses prior to eye surgery lasik?

If you do not have contacts prior to eye surgery LASIK, do you have to wear glasses afterward? It is determined by your prescription and your level of reliance on corrective lenses. If you have a high prescription, refraining from using contacts prior to your eye surgery LASIK appointment may be difficult. It is critical, however, that you do not wear contact lenses during the weeks leading up to your operation in order to function safely. Ensure that you obtain updated glasses if necessary. You can read more about LASIK eye surgery by visiting